Lamattina Farms

Customer first focus

Established in 1991 Rocky Lamattina & Sons P/L has emerged as an icon in the Fresh Produce Markets around Australia. They are able to process up to 600 tonnes per week and they pride themselves in being most consistent carrot producers’ in Australia. The development of Rocky Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd is based on the use of the best available technology, experience, and hard work. 

Rocky Lamattina & Sons P/L is a private, wholly Australian owned and operated company, with its 6,000 acre home base property situated in Wemen, some 75 km

south- east of Mildura.


Lamattina Farms

Advanced solutions

We understand that running an efficient and profitable business is important. Increasingly, automated food lines is part of the solution.


While we work nationally, we think globally. Our advanced production facility is equipped with the latest in sorting and packing technology from all points of the world.

Lamattina Farms

A talented team

Rocky Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd employs in excess of 65 staff to plough, sow, harvest, wash, and pack the produce. Excellent administration is the key to success for an operation of this size. Rocky and his sons Angelo, Phillip and John ensure that quality, efficiency and accuracy operate at all levels of the business, all staff have an important part to play in the delivery of quality carrots to all outlets.